Promotional Media

One of the ways I keep my services of the highest quality with the best learning results for students is by keeping ad costs down and trying to minimize my time put into promotion.  I learned the hard way that many big tutoring companies are engaging in essentially predatory competitive practices - tutors earning about 25% of what students are paying in many cases, and a good bit of that 75% the tutoring company makes used to buy up sites where independent tutors can promote their services for free or at low cost.  This chokes out the “good” tutors and keeps those big companies sucking up so much of student's hard-earned money.

YOU or your organization can HELP Writeanoia with intelligent, intentional promotional practices.  Here is an “old timey” tear-offs promo poster, half of a letter-sized sheet of paper: Tear-offs Poster.

You can also “like” our Facebook page.  Once you’ve done that, it helps enormously if you "heart" or "haha" multiple things posted on that page (be honest, of course - don’t "heart" stuff that is unworthy of it).‘ This will assure that you see more of Writeanoia’s content on your own feed (Facebook's algorithm works that way), and it also increases the number of the people who see it who have "liked" our page.

Here is an image promo item which you can post on social media, bulletin boards, etc. etc.:
white background:
white background image: 960x960, 600x600

black background:
black background image: 960x960, 600x600

I also tutor web development at Coder Tutors (and Coder Tutors Facebook page here).

Other promotional items such as buttons, bookmarks, and eventually things like t-shirts available upon request (or here, later).

I am completely open to discussing fruitful opportunities of networking and co-promotional strategies with partners who are interested in intentional promotion and not spamming up the known universe with cheapo noisy stuff.  Another project around "intentionality" should be coming in the next months. Before that I hope to launch Disrupt With Art.