This is a newsletter page.  Unfortunately, though newsletters remain tremendously influential in marketing, the medium in general is being increasingly cheapened by newsletter sign-ups in exchange for a free product.  Most people know that most newsletters go directly into spam boxes.  Though the process is inaudible, this contrbutes immensely to the digital noise problem, and by extension to the problem of noise and anxiety in consciousness.  I hope some day to write on the phenomenology of newsletters.  Or perhaps you can and I can link your writing here.  This has become an enormously important topic for our digital society.  One of the unnoticed effects is it keeps highly intentional people like myself from publishing in general, as we do not wish to add to the “noise,” while others who are less intentional do publish and inevitably contribute to the noise.

I have found that more intentional ways of dealing with people in general, and also my students, have helped me become a more helathy, intelligent, and respected person.  It also helps me find people who are generally more intentional.  I have no issue with street popcorn vendors; but it has come to my attention that communicating and trying to do business with people who communicate like street popcorn vendors has been less than fruitful.

Since I “represent” education, if I communicate like a street popcorn vendor, in the “big picture” I am cheapening education and shortening attention spans.  This is what happens generally when education and attention are commoditized.

So I encourage you here, in addition to thinking about your own communication and attention, to set your own notice – with Google Calendar or some other app – to come back to this page to see this newsletter, instead of signing up.  But if you are not yet ready for the “more intentional approach” or would really appreciate getting the newsletter, you can sign up below.

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