This is a pageholder for future articles published by Writeanoia.  A bit like a “blog,” but without the expectation that there will be new content every week.

I‘ve written that my own teaching methodology is evidence-based, so that will be a first priority in bearing out in written form.  The evidence is there, but it does need to be laid out and explained.

Further articles will be on intentionality, distraction-free learning, memory, and links between spirituality and writing, and cultivating a love for language.  These are all in some way a part of my process and methodology in teaching writing.  However, some aspects – such as cultivation of love of language – are more from my on experience rather than grounded in psychological / educational research.  It seems to me that these might be under-researched in the Western world.  An interesting fact: Western education in the 1970’s went through a phase in which it was rather popular to discuss “value free” approaches.  We discovered quietly that this was impossible, and the “value free education” discussions quietly subsided.

There has been little notice or discussion of this in the West.  But I notice quite a few scholarly authors in India publishing articles on this topic: the American trend in the 1970's, its quiet demise, and the relatively unexplored situation in its wake.

Anyone with insights into this area of study is warmly encouraged to get in contact.

Another article will be about why Mr. Coder believes we have entered into an era of post-post modernism.  This has to do with Lyotard's thoughts on digital reduction and how this over time has concretely affected our sensibilities, our hearts, and our minds.  It seems to speed up the process Baudrillard speaks of, in which signs are turned into simulacra.  This might sound very ‘technical,’ but it is actually quite simple.