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Executive Summary

Mr. Coder is an online tutor who has developed a method of teaching writing and programming which actually helps people learn things long-term, instead of forgetting shortly after the exam (which seems to be the case too often in highschools and universities).  He does this by emphasizing long-term working memory.  James applies to this his contagious passion for language, with results that make students enthusiastic and help them think more clearly, learn with less anxiety, become life-long learners, and of course: get better grades.  Mr. Coder’s style of teaching emphasizes the good, the true, and the beautiful as values.  He teaches eighth grade students through post-graduate and adult students – from beginning writers to those already publishing peer-reviewed academic papers.  You can book an initial consultation appointment with him here.

Writeanoia is a private, independent online tutoring service focusing on helping people think and write.  It’s the work and services of just one private tutor, Mr. James Coder — that would be me.  I am serious and passionate about learning and teaching to a degree that it tends to rub off on those around me.  My first teaching experience  
Shaped By Writing
You would be surprised at how much tremendously important research and facts about writing improvement are almost entirely ignored by writing labs and companies teaching writing. 

This video by the Harvard Writing Center hints at a few of the things that good writing improvement needs to entail, through the words of their own students.  I hope to write an article soon on the subtly important messages this video conveys.  In the mean time, you can ask me! It is likely to make an important difference in the lives of you and your children.
was teaching English as a Second Language to Chinese people in Taiwan when I was in high school, and that experience ignited in me a passion for better understanding how people learn and think.  I have been studying and doing research in these areas for a few decades now, and have arrived at a way of teaching that students love, and helps them profoundly with learning subjects and skills so they actually remember these things and fruitfully use the skills they have been taught.  I have employed this method with surprising success in teaching writing, English language, and computer programming (web devlopment: HTML / CSS / Javascript / PHP / MYSQL), with consistently outstanding reviews.

I have discovered through teaching that applying two very simple principles — reduction of learning anxiety and focus on long-term working memory — I am able to teach my students in ways that they notice that they are genuinely learning.  That is: they don’t just “memorize” things to score well for an upcoming exam, or learn how to do things only to complete a homework assignment.  real, solid, abiding results James helped our son from struggling with a C- to becoming a confident learner, taking notes in all classes, free from learning anxiety, and an A-.Family of 8th grade student in MA Instead, they learn something in a way that they can carry it with them and use it fruitfully for the rest of their lives.  Some students tell me that in our sessions, they are learning like they have never learned before.

My goal in helping students is not to get a better grade on one assignment, or even in one class.  Rather, it is to help them become better learners, and ultimately get much better grades across the board, score much better in exams, and generally grow to become flourishing, productive, and considerate individuals an infectious passion for learningJames is an amazing tutor.  His wealth of knowledge is unmatched and only comparable to his true compassion for learning and teaching.  James has the ability to connect topics creating a well rounded tutoring experience. — Kat Z., a university design student in PA who are a benefit and gift to society.  If you or your child applies herself or himself seriously with my tutoring method, a serious increase in grades and productivity, across the board, is very likely.  I have seen the results and can tell you more about them.  They are testimony to the fact that learning how to write better is one of the most powerful ways of improving the mind; and is also a potent tool in formation of a better, more succesful, but also more charitable character.

The highly enthusiastic reviews I receive and responses I get in asking about my students‘ progress demonstrate clearly that this methodology works.  Scientific experiments, scholarship and research indicate that this way of teaching is likely one of the very best for long-term learning, and for teaching people to become long-term, life-long learners.

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Writing and thinking go hand-in-hand.  If you think about it, memory is like the process of writing what is in the mind.  When you learn to organize your ideas in writing, you have those same skills which your mind will use in its process of storing things in your memory.  organized, structured thinking and writing leads to deeper clarity and creativity James has been an outstanding tutor.  He has been invaluable for helping me keep organized and on track for writing a coherent paper on a complicated topic.  I would recommend his services without reservation. — Daniel S., BSN, RN, CCRN, Medical Surgical ICU, a post-graduate research student in Nursing Anesthesiology in NC, advanced medical research and research publication project management for peer-reviewed journal article So everything I teach in some way has to do with learing to write better, and learning to think better.  With the proper application, which I can’t do, and only you can put into motion (with my assistance) — this also leads to a better life.  Part of this better life consists in the gradual change of sensibilities, in which primary is desiring and valuing truth.  Another critical change of sensibility is the gradual learning of patience.  I also, over time, help my students with the sensibility of learning to love language, narrative, and organized thought.

Why so affordable? When you hire James directly, you pay up to 10 per hour less than the students pay who hire via the main tutor service that James works for.  You aren’t paying for their advertising, their call center sales reps, or their automated system.

Some of the things I teach

  • Note Taking Improvement: Cornell notes and beyond
    Almost without exception, my students who are doing well and succeeding, are the ones who are taking good notes.  Those who come to me struggling and failing, are not taking good notes, or not taking notes at all.  I find myself even with programming / coding students in moments teaching them about how to take good notes, and they appreciate this very much.
  • Writing
    Find out how the method of teaching writing improvement passionately endorsed by experts in teaching writing, and places such as the Harvard Writing Lab, has been largely nelgected by secondary and higher education.  It is also often ignored by college writing centers and online tutoring companies.  I teach this method, with solid results and highly satisfied students and parents.
  • Reading Comprehension and Literary Analysis
  • “Junior Research”
    Can young people do scholarly research citing primary sources and peer-reviewed journals?  They can!   Can it be enjoyable?  Most certainly!  With some young people, diving into the scholarly resources available on the web can an intriguing journey yielding skills and passions which will be valuable for the rest of their lives.  Learning to find the best scholarly work on a subject is also a sure way to earn the reputation at your school for being a serious student who appreciates solid research.  Students who have advanced in writing and research might even be able to publish their work in scholarly academic journals for students.
  • Help with any class that involves reading, writing, research
    Not only is what you learn in my tutoring applicable to just about any class you take — I can help you with history, social sciences, philosophy, religion, and with scientific research if needed.  I have helped students in many areas; they just aren’t my area of specific focus and specialty.
  • Coaching for parents and students on getting the best possible education with your budget
    I am passionate also about the education of people I don’t tutor, and can advise on ways you can save money in tutoring services and university services if your budget really requires this.
  • Graduate Research, Writing and Research Project Management; Academic Writing Assistance
  • ACT / SAT / PARCC / Common Core English / Other test readiness
    This can be great help with deeper reading comprehension and preparation for literary analysis.  I only cover language/English; I will be looking for partner tutors with a proven track record who are good with math prep for this part of the tests, and you can deal with them directly.
  • Students considered for acceptance:
    From 8th grade and above; 8-10th grade students’ dependent upon maturity level and willingness of parents to be involved in their child’s education.  I try to speak with students / parents before the session, even if they have already booked a first session.  If either of us decides we’re not a good match, you will be refunded in full.